Monday, December 07, 2009

A Housewife Could Practically Use It

"The MAC-10 was designed so that a housewife could practically use it!" Um, yeah, well, if the rate of fire were lower and the blame thing was a bit easier to hold, she could actually use it, and so could soldiers, too.

Found on a nifty site selling nifty Lego™ guns, the "housewife" line is in all likelihood one of those lost-in-translation glitches.

A real bad glitch that could have been worse: gettin' SWATted for havin' a Lego™ gun. Ooopsie?

(Uncle already linked to the Lego™ SWAT™ incident but, enh, too good to pass up).


Tam said...

I thought it was designed to be used in case you got into a gunfight in a phone booth with multiple opponents.

WV: "pitcho". "The ignorance of the average netizen when it comes to guns makes me want to pitcho my cookies."

dubber308 said...

That's a line from the cheezy '80's, sci-fi, zombie, end of the world movie "Night of the Comet".

rickn8or said...

Even more useful would be the "Uzi submachine gun" in the Baltimore Birthday Fracas transmogrifying itself into a TEC-9 by the time the po-po arrived to start doing the paperwork.

Imagine. The firepower of a subgun with the legal ramifications of a semiauto!

Drang said...

I knew a Special Forces Master Sergeant who said the Mac10 was real handy in an ambush--he claimed to dual wield, although the term was not in vogue back then. I never called him on it, 'cuz he was crazier than me.

Ian Argent said...

Is it a MAC-9 or a MAC-10 that Jamie Lee Curtis' character drops down the stairs in True Lies? Pop culture ref of a "housewife" using it, if so... :-P

(Sorry - not up on my subguns silhouette playing cards)