Sunday, June 24, 2018

Farewell To Jack The Cat

     He was 26. He was a long-haired, gray and white feral tomcat who lived next door. He would always "talk" to me and often came to the fence to be petted. He loved attention, and would purr and smooth on your hand for as long as you'd let him.

     He came up on our front porch this afternoon, talking away, and I went out to pet him. His fur had gotten very matted over the winter and he'd been getting thinner and thinner, despite our neighbor feeding him every day. The neighbor came over soon after and remarked he'd been to see the neighbor on the other side of her yesterday. She said he hadn't been eating much recently. He was a little shaky as he walked around.  But he burbled and purred as we petted him.

     My neighbor called several hours later. She'd found Jack curled up in her garage, in pain and unhappy. She took him to the vet. He died there, with her petting him.

      We'll all miss Jack. He couldn't stand to be indoors for very long at a stretch but he was a good cat. I'm glad he visited me to say goodbye.


Phssthpok said...

(If you like the writing style there's more where that came from: _

mostly cajun said...

It hurts to lose a friend, furry or otherwise...

Comrade Misfit said...

My condolences. Jack must have been a neat cat. People took care of him for him to reach 26.

Anonymous said...

Rest in Peace, Jack.
26 is an awfully good run for a mostly-outdoor cat.

We just said goodbye to our similarly friendly and well-loved tomcat who had reached the unlikely (for him) age of 20. We're alternating between mourning his loss and admiring his spirit.

Lex Luthier

Paul Schwa said...

I'm so sorry.