Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Dance

I broke 150 last week.
Free IQ Test Score IQ Tests

It's late in the day and I just found this buried in "junk mail." I'm going to wait until tomorrow to do the actual dance and in any event, You The Home Viewer are just gonna have to take the word for the deed.

He's too modest to admit it but the ever-chivalrous Data Viking offered me his test-results badge several days ago. 160-something!

--Later: Doc Strangegun and Breda also scored better on subsequent tries, which raises a question: I doubt any of us gave much conscious thought to the test between times but I wouldn't be at all surprised if the lazy 14-year-old who runs the filing system in the back of my mind* worried away at the questions that stumped me, since the answers fair lept to hand on a couple and I did the last half of the second test while on the phone with work. My first thought was that perhaps only our first try really counts but in that case, the thing's an "IQ and speed" test. If the raw cleverness-quotient is all that counts, it shouldn't count against you that it takes a handful of days to dredge up the right answer as long as you did it under your own steam!

No matter how you slice it, any IQ test is a limited tool at best. Life is a test of how clever and fast you are -- but also a test of your luck and often of how well you get along with others. It tends to sort by attractiveness and mental stability, too. If you can do well along any three of those axii, you're likely to do okay generally.
* She's actually a metaphor, but don't let on that I told you!


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I took the IQ test and it didn't give me a number. It just said, "Well, the world needs ditch-diggers, too."

Roberta X said...

(Know you're making a joke and being modest, I've read your stuff; still, it's a good enough point to take semi-seriously):

...In fact, the world has openings for considerably more ditch-diggers than poets or theoretical physicists; when hard times hit, ditch-digging is a more immediately valuable skill than most.

The question is, are you quick, sane, decent-looking, lucky and/or easy to get along with? Score high in all those categories and your ability to outwit standarized tests does not so much matter.

Dr. StrangeGun said...

If you find your station as a clever ditchdigger, then simply dig ditches faster and better than all the other, less clever ditchdiggers, and eventually, through the clever part of the equation, and you'll no longer be a ditch digger.

How many ditches could a ditch digger dig if a ditch digger didn't dig ditches? This mesage brought to you by Ditch Witch, inc. Proud manufacturer of multibladed high speed power trenchers...

Roberta X said...

It must be in the aether today, silliness that is. I've found myself boppin' around and singing along to "Lust For Life," some James Blunt stuff and doin' backup for Steve Winwood.... Hey, it's not ditch-diggin' but it does have its own rhythym.

o/o/o/o/ "...bring me a'highyer luuuuuvv..." o/o/o/o/

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I'm slow, a bit unhinged, ugly, and crotchety, though.

Doomed. Doomed I tell ya.

Anonymous said...

Always with the ditch diggers. Test-writing dweebs have a thing about them. Maybe some issue with their moms?

de Lesseps did all right, considering.

My father's a ditch digger. He's 85, near perfect health, and a millionaire (Also a frequent PITA, but there's probably not much correlation there). His mental age must be at least 102.