Saturday, December 29, 2007

L00k, Knew Content!

...And it's yours, for a low, low price of....FREE! Yayyy!

The cats are enjoying a morning romp and I'm enjoying having had a full night's sleep -- the past week was overflowing, between work (it gets snappish at the Skunk Works over the holidays and we're due a visit from some new brass), family and houseguest. Fun, too, as I'd been something of an anchoress for no short while.

This morning is busy yet. The bank's starting to forget what I look like! Later, I'm considering bucking the trend and becoming retrospeculative. Not in re this cloud-capt' blog, which is barely three months old, but my past year. It's been...exciting. In the sense of the proverbial (and perhaps fabulated) Chinese ill-wish that one "live in exciting times."

And on that dim promise I debark for the mirror and the washbasin -- my hair's become a tad uppity and needs a stern lecture!

1 comment:

Carteach said...

Restrospective sounds interesting.
I understand... been doing a lot of that lately myself.

Lifes taking new directions, and the road can be bumpy!

Good luck with the hair thing. Wouldn't know what thats like (g).