Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Quick, run to the market and buy up all the milk and bread! White Death is here!

...Or so you'd think to have watched the tube last night -- any of the local channels, including the one where I hang my head.

Pleased to say that now that the snow is here, the on-air panic level is zero and my team, at least, is doing a good job covering what would be a routine snowfall if it didn't happen to be the Winter's first.

The TV business loves snow: it's an easy story to cover and everyone's interested. Love us or hate us, you will watch us (or visit our website), if for no other reason than to find out what's been cancelled.

It's a hoot at the studios. Those of us who (probably) won't be out in the stuff all day have come up with an increasingly-silly series of titles for the disproportionate sense of determination, not to mention sheer sturm und drang that settles over the place as any significant snowfall looms.

There's one benefit: we often get a catered meal, to help the crews stay fueled up and keep the rest of us close to the barn. It's snarkily referred to as "The Feast Of The Snowocalypse," of course.

...I, for one, welcome our Zombified Yeti Snowverlords!

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phlegmfatale said...

I love all that blizzard-y shit. Not that I've ever experienced it. That's the problem with Texas - even when it's bitterly cold, the sun's usually shining. Meh.