Saturday, December 08, 2007

Kewl Stuff!

Matt G's blog has put me onto an interesting group, Zero 7. Nice sounds, at least for a fan of The Ditty Bops and Raymond Scott's early* synth work. He linked to one video; another one caught my eye: it's surely rotoscoped, and brilliantly so:

Nice! This (IMO) is an unusual topic and angle for pop music: fulfillable longing and contentment. (Back to that whole notion of Western Civilization being a majorly fine idea -- and some of the core Victorian values, like fidelity, not being quite so trite as the Boomers liked to believe).

Matt G's original post went in a very different direction to his original intent and fascinatingly so. I'm headed over there now!

* As in, starting in the 1950s. The secretive Mr. Scott is one of the unsung heros of electronic music, in part because he made a good living from producing sounds no one else could duplicate. If he'd shared the details of his inventions, he'd've lost his competitive advantage.


phlegmfatale said...

Fabulous animation, that. Amazing what can be conveyed with lines on paper. Nice.

Matt G said...

Good stuff. Her voice is intoxicating, too.

--Matt G (who's apparently good enough to link, but not to blogroll. (hmph))

Roberta X said...


Why, you've been there all along. I thought. H'mmm, or not.

Unh, ooopsie?

All feex naow.