Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Santa was here! Santa was here!

...And left books! Plus a great big blonde doll (actually from night before last, see previous petroglyph). And now I'm... Tam said it better'n I could.

I'm an alpha geekette, thankyouverymuch. That means I c'n log on an' blog Christmas morn: it's a behavior typical of my species. (Does no one watch Wild Kingdom any more?) Now, if only the range was open, my holiday off would be complete. ::Sigh:: Have to settle for the movies instead. (She said, grinning).

Hope y'all got ever' thing y'wanted!

P.S.: Breda, the doll looks a little like this but even younger.... (And, to be perfectly fair, more tan. It's soooo unfair that Barbie and kin can get better tans than me or anyone I know!)


Anonymous said...

No, Marlin Perkins does not grace the airwaves in my locale. I suppose, if I had cable, I could find it someplace -- maybe right next to Daktari.

-- jed

Welshman said...

Didn't get a dad-gum thing I wanted, but that is about to change. Before Jan. 1, I will have my heart's desire--a new shotgun.

Carteach said...

If you were not here, I'd bloody well miss you!

Nice Christmas... my friends and family are happy.

BTW... Alpha Geekettes are the sexiest women alive... and don't you forget it!

breda said...

I want to see this doll.

phlegmfatale said...

I WOULD have been on the computer on Christmas day, 'ceptin' the whole damned family hogged it all day. Oh well. At least I thought wistfully of being on the computer. ANd often.