Saturday, December 15, 2007


Having cried, "Snowlf!" twice, my cohorts at Big Darned Media are goin' for a threefer, this time with a better chance of bein' right: it should start with sleet and have progressed (?) to serious snow about the time I will need to be drivin' in it.

I'd complain but there are a few zillion people from Okalahoma to the Northeast who'll point out others have already had it worse. Still, there's a fair chance some time this afternoon I'd be happy to meet a Yeti, zombie or not, though I still draw the line at lettin' 'em carry sci-fi weapons.


Dr. StrangeGun said...

Hey now, no albino wookiee disarmament, please.

Roberta X said...

Too close t'home, Doc? ;) That explains the extreme close-up photo!

...Fear not, it's just the electrolash I object to 'em keepin' & bearin'. Hairy critters have no real experiential frame of reference for what that feels like to smooth-skinned primates and they always get the setting too high. (I point to to the TX tfc stop on Tam's blog as clear evidence of this precise thing).