Sunday, December 23, 2007

One Question?

If it's a writer's strike, how come there is writing on their signs?

Every time I see new coverage of the (yawn) Hollywould(and did) writer's strike, the striker's signs are. not. blank. They're scabbin'! From what I can read, they're not even scabbing competently, it's just the same ol'-same 'ol dull, boring "LU [number] On Strike" stuff. Sheesh.

You'd think, you know, writers an' all, if they were going to be blind to irony, they could at least come up with signage text that was snappy, incisive, maybe even cute, that would tend to raise the sympathy of the onlooker... .

But wait, it's the TV and film writers, isn't it?

It's a wonder they didn't do them in crayon.

1 comment:

Carteach said...

Strike? There's a strike?
Who?? What???

Oh, never mind. If it was important my life would have been impacted in some way, shape, or form.

Must really suck to be part of a strike, when the whole world goes: "yawwwwn" at the news.