Friday, December 07, 2007

SNOWMAGEDDON II: This time, it's more!

...And yet, still no squadroons of electrolash-wielding Yeti Zombies, at the mercy of the cruel and capricious whims of their alien brain leeches, patrolling the streets and rounding up our fatter citizens for the cookpot. Dang. No snowplows or salt trucks on the tertiary streets, either, double-dang!

We did, however, get more snow, a brightish grey day perfect for what I did today and are now receiving the beneficience of sleet. This is scheduled to turn to rain, followed by warm, which should begin to clear up that whole Zombiated Yeti thing, as they keel over from heat stroke and their brain leeches crawl off into the gutters to be hunted down by brave troupers of the Free People's Liberation Army and Escargot-Festival, stalwart worthies armed with salt shakers and pails of garlic butter....

(Note to self: no more chili-fortified olives right before bedtime).

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