Saturday, December 29, 2007

That's quite a nice....Airship

It's been weeks an' weeks and you know what? I'm still gettin' Google Image Search hits from my "Five Aircraft" post, mostly from people looking for dirigibles and the like.

Hey, I love ya and airships are just plain kewl, but geesh, get a life! If you can't, check out this. Yeah, yeah, they're claimin' it's all green an' stuff, but still: lighter-than-air! Coolness!

(Are they zepposexuals? Pleeeeeeeeeze don't tell me, okay? I mean that).

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Anonymous said...

Weeks? I put up a snarky post about Why Couldn't I have Had a Teacher Like That in May, 2006. That's right, May, 2006. And I still get several hits a day from idiots googleing for a certain teacher in Florida.

ps: I took your idea about the incandescent bulbs and got a post out of it. But I gave you credit LOL