Sunday, February 15, 2009


[Update: Pleeeeze, if you were there and I missed linking to your blog, comment or e-mail and I will add you!]

Sunday's BlogMeet was an unqualified success, with over a dozen bloggers and blog readers in attendance (Tam: "There were a lot of people!")

Caleb was able to put in an all-too-brief attendance; the crowd included Old Grouch, Shermlock (bonus: the much-missed Joanna shows up in comments at 21/2 Baker St.), Mrs. Shermlock and Hagbard Celine, a/k/a Shermlock the younger (but not that young!), Turk Turon from far-off Turonistan[1], Kerry, Wayne, Mike and...and, well, I should have taken notes; I have a good memory for faces but no ability at all with names.[2] I had a delightful conversation with a young couple late of Terre Haute, who I hope will excuse inadvertent anonymity.

The coveted "Cup of Turonistan," awarded to the attendee traveling the farthest, went this time to Ted, a visitor from Atlanta![3]

La Piedad's excellent food (and excellent service) was enjoyed by all and afterward, most of us wandered down to the Broad Ripple Brew Pub for afters. Naturally, we solved all the problems of the world and just as naturally, none of us took notes. So you'll have to keep on muddlin' through, alas.

Our next will be in March, Deus volente -- and I hope to see you there! ....Might wanna wear a nametag....
1. Sometimes referred to as "the missing 'stan" or even "the lost 'stan." Turonistanis beg to differ, as they know exactly where they are and point out it is not their fault if the rest of us can't find their country on the map even with an index
2. Which explains why I have to have my own name in large print at the top of my blog, lest I forget!
3. Or was it Atlantis? Surely not. Also, see earlier comments about me and names.


Anonymous said...

Damn,that looks like a fine pub.

Roberta X said...

It is!

Joanna said...

Dang, the Chris Muir? Roberta, you rate!

Missed you all!

Roberta X said...

I'm pretty sure the Chris Muir and I am impressed; I don't have a link to DBD (yet) but I have been reading & enjoying for a long while.

Anonymous said...

Glad that I made such a good impression. A sub note [3], sigh..

I was great meeting all you folks


phlegmfatale said...

One fine day, I'm going to show up at yer blogmeet. Pinkie swear.

Anonymous said...

After driving 2+ hours to get there, I was wondering if this would be like most other Internet meetups I've attended; awkward, annoying, cliquish.

I'm thrilled to say that none of the above applied, and it was great! Roberta & Tam were quite welcoming, and the regulars brought me right into things. You're a fine bunch.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed such a fine shinding.

I'll make it a point to be at the next one.

Shootin' Buddy
Guntersville, Alabamee