Sunday, February 22, 2009


Overheard at Roseholme:

A: [head stuck in cabinet] "Any ideas about brunch?" [emerges with waffle iron]

B: "I dunno. I am not so very much about waffles."

A: "toadinthe'ole?"*

B: "Toadmeal?"

A: "Yeah! 'Toadmeal: the warty goodness of toads combined with the high fiber of oatmeal!'"

B: [snickering] "Toadmeal!"

A: "For all the toad-eaters on your staff!"

Sometimes mumbling leads to serendipitous results. Just sayin'. Also? No matter how bad the economy gets, I do not expect "toadmeal" to catch on. But you never know.
* Around here, an egg fried in a hole punched in a slice of bread. Fast, filling, cheap.


George said...

Toad in the hole is one of the great treats for kids, too. There's something about the whole affair that they like. Of course, it requires you pay attention ... which maybe appeals to them, too. After all, how much love and affection do you display by putting a bowl, a box of cereal and some milk on the table ... and letting them do their own thing?

I dunno.

Hope you're better, Roberta.


Home on the Range said...

There was a fellow that I knew through work who had this idea that he swore would make him millions. He said that with all the people on healthy eating kicks, he wanted to open a restaurant that would make a fried food that was healthy. His idea? Fried Bunny rabbit, rabbits being so much lower in fat and thus apparently healthier than chicken. That's right. He was dead serious to open a chain called KFB.

The copyright issues not withstanding I don't think it would be a big seller.

Jeffro said...

Oh boy - one more mystery meat to worry about at the local drive through.

Count me in as hoping you're feeling better too.

Anonymous said...

"Warty goodness of toads..."
If this is average Roseholm conversation, I can see why you two make great roomies.

Hope Roberta is feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Back here in Olde New England, TITH is called circus fries. Only we batter the bread in whipped egg after we knock the hole out, and give the holes to the kids to squash down into tiny doughballs and snack on.

French Canadians and other colorful people drown the damn things in maple syrup, but I suspect Canucks will put syrup on steak if given the chance.

Kind of like southerners drowning everything on their plate in ketchup. Odd isn't it, that my two most favoritest peoples in the whole world have such peculiar eating habits.

Of course my cheeseburgers float on ketchup, with a pinch of vinegar added, and many people think I'm strange for cooking my meat all the way through, completely brown at the center, so who am I to point?

My main reason for stopping by was to say take care of yourself. Your last entry seemed a major improvement. Hope it continues getting better.

drjim said...

My girlfriend calls those "Hobo Eggs".
Get well soon!

Ed Rasimus said...

Toad-in-the-hole was a favorite of mine when growing up and I still revert to it about once a month. In Chicago we called it egg-on-a-raft. I never heard the toad reference until I left home for the military.

Not sure the Toadmeal thing would work out either in fast food format, or home cooking, with or without microwave.

KFB isn't going to be a big-seller among the younger crowd, neither are healthy, lean, nutritious Bambi-burgers.

I'll go for some of Brigid's hot cross buns to tide me over.

Anonymous said...

I do hope you're feeling better, and I'm glad you've got a ride to the body & fender shop, too.


Anonymous said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

So, is your last name Groom or was that another Roberta just by coincidence?

I always wondered if your last name actually began with X ;)

Roberta X said...

Timmehh: "Groom?" Nope. --It's either "Ecks" or something impossibly Scots, depending on how you score it.

Joseph: "...warty goodness of toads..." isn't terribly unusual repartee around here, no; which does go a long way to explain why Tam and I are roomies.

Jay G said...

Toad in the hole, eh?

They were called "hole-in-one"s growing up in the G household, but it's the same idea.

Glad you're on the mend!

Anonymous said...

Good to know you are at least able to eat and blog a bit...and haven't lost your sense of humor. We DO worry, y'know...

Joanna said...

They say that if you want to improve your life, you should eat a live toad first thing every morning. That way, the day can only go up from there.

It's always been "egg in a nest" to me, which frankly I find more appetizing. :-) Feel better!

Turk Turon said...

"I can't remember a time when I've had better toad!"

I always thought it was Roberta Xerxes.

Remember the Monty Python sketch where the health inspector was inspecting a candy company which produced a confection called, "Crunchy Toad"?

"You mean you put a real toad in every one?"

"Oh, absolutely!"

"Including the bones?"

"Well, if we left out the bones, we couldn't call it 'Crunchy Frog', now could we?"

DBA Dude said...

Over here ToadInTheHole is sausages cooked in Yorkshire pudding batter, cheap and filling.

Hope that you are feeling better than on Saturday,

Anonymous said...

Mom called it "egg in the nest" and eggs and toast are still a major comfort food for me, regardless of the exact preparation.

Dig a little and it's an interesting bit of anthropology...

Roberta X said...

DBA Dude: and it's right you are, too. But for some reason we started using the term for the "gashouse eggs," which is another term for the egfg-fried-in-bread treat. (which I cannot have this morning 'cos we used up the last of the eggs on another round of scrambled with taters, bacon, sausage and green onions yesterday).

Anonymous said...

I, for one, would be all over some Kentucky Fried Bunny. No need, of course, since I make Tennessee Fried Bunny.

BobG said...

Around here it is called a "square egg".