Thursday, February 26, 2009

One-Term President

It appears that Eric Holder (remember how all us bloggers fretted over him?) is bound and determined to ensure President Obama will be a one-term President: he says the administration plans to bring back the Assault Weapons Ban. Cle-ver. And as subtle as a hammer.

Update: I note Mr. Holder makes sure to mention "hand grenades and automatic weapons," things which are not "assault weapons" as previously defined. As far as I am aware, hand grenades are a just plain old no-go under Federal law -- and full-auto weapons are severely restricted; no new ones have been available for civilian ownership since '86 and Uncle Sam keeps a loving eye on the ones still in private hands. Another AWB will not solve the non-existent problem of American machine guns and hand grenades going to Mexican druglords. If they're buyin' ordinary guns (through straw purchases), I know exactly how to stop that: better border control. I'm sure our dear friends in the Mexican government will rush to help.... /Update

...Speaking of "subtle as a hammer," I note with some irked amusement the lefty blogger who fell over, read some of the Usual Blather, and decided any talk of "voting from the rooftops," the Second Amendment as a check on government overreaching, and "the soap box, ballot box, jury box and cartridge box" simply must be calls to take out the Chief Executive.*

Nope, not. Look, I don't like the guy's politics and I like his pals -- heavy-handed tools like Attorney General Holder, for example -- even less. But I wanna see 'em voted out, I wanna see 'em sent home to muse upon their errors and failure. While there will always be loonies out there, the Freepers are no more dangerous than their opposite numbers over at Democratic Underground -- possibly less so, as they're a bit more hard-headed in their grasp of the reality of jails and police pursuit.

And the reality is, 99.9999999% of Americans disapprove of shootin' politicians, especially Presidents. ...Not to mention that in our system of government, it makes very little change. Some ijit tries to take out the Prez and I get wind of it, I'll stop him by any means necessary; I don't have to approve of a man's politics to wanna preserve his life. And, lefties? --That's not an unusual sentiment.

(Okay, I still think pretty much all of Congress could be tried and convicted for conspiracy to violate the civil rights of citizens under color of law; and I admit to thinkin' that ought to be a capital offense. But they won't be, it isn't and that's what we're stuck with).

...I'll get back to the doings aboard the starship Lupine later on.
* I was also bemused by a commenter describing the NY Post "chimp" cartoon as racist -- yet somehow ignoring A) eight years of chimp cartoons lampooning President Bush and B) President Obama did not, in fact, write the stimulus bill. It's a contact sport, kiddo, get over it.


Ken said...

I think there's a certain amount of whistling past the graveyard going on here with respect to a new AWB. Shaking a fist and saying "remember 1994!" overlooks one key element in the correlation of forces: to wit, this administration is also likely to push through a "comprehensive immigration reform" bill. The Senate RINOs make passage a foregone conclusion. When that happens, there will be probably 10-15 million newly minted voters, most of whose votes will be controlled by Democrat machines.

Still think they'll pay at the ballot box, if they do that before they pass an AWB?

Ed Rasimus said...

So far we've got a Supreme Court that will still uphold the 2nd--at least if Heller was any indication. Add the ritual incompetence of the Attorney General and the Solicitor General in the new administration and you get a failure to challenge the Constitution.

The only replacement justice clearly on the horizon is Ginsberg--and Obama won't be able to change the balance of the court with that slot. It would be hard to go further left.

Regardless, I'm off to the gun shop today to look at some black rifles. Lucky me, it was my wife's suggestion last night over dinner!

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

The left has always been thin-skinned and quick to take offense when it comes to criticism. It doesn't surprise me at all that they don't equate eight years of Bush-as-chimp with a single chimp cartoon lampooning the porkulus bill.

And you're right about Congress -- I would love to see all 535 of the bastards perp-walked down the Capitol steps. I'd lay in a supply of rotten vegetables and make a special trip to DC for that.

Crucis said...

Here in Missouri, we had an acronym, OTB. OTB meant "One Term Bob" after the first name of a former governor who lost in his bid for a second term by losing his Primary Election to another democrat.

OTB fits our current president quite well too.

Anonymous said...

Obama may indeed be a one-termer...he only won by about 3 million popular votes, and I don't think he can really afford to alienate much of the population. On the other hand, he is already showing himself not to have much of a grasp of fiscal reality, nor does he seem to realize that most Americans do indeed have an IQ greater than that of a warty toad.

Hopefully, the midterm elections will not be very kind to the Dems.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

My head is spinning. I don't know what they are doing 10 miles south of me. The water out of my tap doesn't taste funny... They get the same down in DC. Yes to AWB, no to AWB, hell no even. I'm confuzzled.