Friday, February 06, 2009

Melt, Baby, Melt

Supposed to get up to 40 dee-grees today and I, for one, can't hardly wait. I'm not sure I will even know what to do, after our foot-plus of snow followed by colder'n dammit, but I shall certainly give it the old school try.

50 (Fifty!) tomorrow, plenty warm even in American degrees. I'm hoping to spend the morning at the Indiana Historical Radio Society's Winter meet and kinda-sorta have to hie myself to DMV for plates after. If there's enough of a melt and not too much wind, it will be a very great temptation to check tire pressure and oil levels of my scooter, layer up my riding gear and trundle up there on two wheels. Wise? Prolly not, though I'm more concerned about exposing my Chetak to road salt.

Forecast shows a prolonged warming trend. Could be that Winter will be ending, by and by -- I'm always skeptical until it happens.


Anonymous said...

You must be doing something wrong. I haven't been to the DMV for plates since they started letting you use the interwebs. :)

Anonymous said...

know one thing you NEED TO BE DOING, (if you haven't already) and that's to get anything water might spoil, off the basement floor.

Frank W. James said...

Roberta: Remember this IS Indiana. I'm sure we are in for at least one or two more unpleasant surprises. Winter don't go easy in this state.

All The Best,
Frank W. James

Roberta X said...

I'm sure we're going to have more nasty weather -- still, I always think of the first semi-warm weather of a new year as the battle against Winter turning in our favor. Which probably means I read too much poetry in childhood.

Og: did it this morning but I'll be checking again tonight.