Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Come Back Later

...Right now I'm back doin' the doctors-and-prescriptions fandango. Sigh. So, of course there's a big-deal health screening (for bucks off our medical insurance payments) at the Skunk Works next week. I've been wearin' my spinach and eatin' all my galoshes for a month now, not to mention plenty of oatmeal (good thing I like the stuff). It's a few dollars off per health-nazi bullet-point: Body Mass Index, cholesterol, blood pressure, non-smoker, non-heroine heroin addict, blood sugar, never been adjudged a danger to oneself or others --the usual things. Now this. Gack.

Update 1: Yes, it is funny my fingers typed "heroine" instead of "heroin." Y'ask me, too many folks are addicted to non-heroines. And antiheros.

Update 2: Doc-in-a-box night before last and done too late to get 'scrip filled after; affordable pharmacy last night, so I'm one tab in on two weeks worth of killsyerillincycline. Actually feelin' better but that's just what Terry Pratchett's Discworld witches call "headology." To quote Esme Weatherwax, "I aten't dead," okay?


Anonymous said...

youre not addicted to heroines? i sure am. Hell, you and Tam are a couple of my faves.

perlhaqr said...

I admit it. I'm a Heroine addict.

wv: "alcon" it's like bacon, only made out of Al Gore, so it's 100% less enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

Roberta - It sounds like you may have a kidney stone if the meds aren't doing anything. If the pain is high up on the flank and seems sharp or even a constant ache and feels like it moves around that could be it. A small one will be a constant distraction, a large one will knock you to the floor when it moves. The only thing I found that works for the pain is TORADOL Feel better soon

Turk Turon said...

So you're a non-heroine addict, too? So am I!

Albert A Rasch said...

I'm sorry, this is off topic. And I couldn't find your e-mail thingee.

Where did you get the link gadget (on the right hand side) that has a slider?

Albert A Rasch
The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles
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comatus said...

I'm a heroine-addict, from 'way back. Proud, too.

You should have met some of my heroines.

Anonymous said...

og, perlhaqr, Turk, and comatus--

Thanx a bunch, guys! Now when I say it, I'm gonna sound like an insincere copycat.

Anonymous said...


Jeeze. I keep coming back and no news. I sure hope you're OK.


Roberta X said...

Albert, it's the Unorganized Militia Propaganda Corps blogroll from Blogrolling, whose site seems a tad hinky. I can't find the place where I snagged the code.

E-mail to me for the blog? Roberta [dot] X [at] sbcglobal [dot] net, replacing the words in brackets with appropriate symbols.

Mark: I ain't dead yet!