Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Couldn't You Spend The Time Destructively?

Dept. of Well Why Not? As my .mil (and ex-military) readers already know, the Pentagon has their (its?) own TV channel -- complete with programs like"The Grill Sergeants," which is pretty much just what you think.

"...[A]vailable to all stateside cable and satellite providers..." it says right there on the About page, but bedarned if I've ever found 'em on my DSS receiver. Funny, that. But there it is on the Innerweb.


Joanna said...

Darn my limited cable selection! It's probably just as well I don't have it. I'd never get anything done.

Rustmeister said...

We get it here, Battleground is pretty cool. It usually runs old military training films, reports and stuff like that.

The physical fitness show is good, too.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Maybe they could pick up "License to Grill" as a second half-hour. That was my favorite grilling show, but it's gone now.

Word verification: papwoot!

Kevin said...

Ooh Wee & Wow! Grill SGT is great - my 82 year old father even watches him and tries the recipes.
FTA All The Way, Grill Sgt!

Now back in my Army days FTA meant something different than the FTA I use to get the Pentagon channel The new one stands for Free to Air TV MPEG2 digital mini dish. And the Pentagon Channel (among much more) is on there for free.
Search FTA for a bunch of dealers, Sadoun is the one I got my rig from, but he is just one of many
A full motorized 30" dish, linear dual LNBF and MPEG2 receiver is under $300 or you can retrofit one of those large C-band jobs. I have a 120 inch dish sitting on top of a 20 foot pipe to clear the trees. My warm weather project is to add a circular polarity LNBF to the dish so I can get 4DTV on the old system and MPEG2 to a new receiver, and still have the Fortec dish and the standard Terrestrial antenna as additional feeds. I love the possibilities that DiSEqC brings to the hobby.

My main reason to putz with a working TVRO setup: NASA It is using circular polarization and the big dish has enough gain to pull the signal in without butchering the tree tops south of the house