Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Who What Hunh?

What craven new world is this? No, srsly -- watching a compilation of the Sunday interview shows ("Newsertainment" at its...most time-filling) and related excreta, I watched as nominally-Republican Lindsey (ptoo) Graham (RHINO*, Carolingua-de-Sur) chortled over the prospect of nationalizing banks while a senior Obama advisor recoiled from the idea and no less than Charles ("the American people don't care if we add a little pork") Schumer (D, Far-Left Gerrymanderstan) said Uncle Sam is clueless about lending.

But Maxine Waters (Communist, Mars) halted the madness, admitting ruefully, "...I don’t think that we are ready to move to the point of a formalized nationalized banking program yet." Yet. And as long as it's only de facto nationalization and not de jure, us rubes in flyover country will never notice, riiiiight. (We've been as good as there for decades already).

Or, as Tam put it: "Great, just what we need, a run on the banks." I'd put on my tinfoil hat and call it a plot but it's nowhere near clever enough.
* "Republican? Ha! In Name Only." If you wondered about the H.


Anonymous said...

If it wasa anybody other than Lindsey Grahamnesty, I'd call "Briar Patch" (as in, "Oh, no, Br'er Fox! Please don't throw me in dat briar patch").

But he's too stupid AND perfidious to pull that off convincingly. He just doesn't get it.


GunGeek said...

Sen. Graham was on the local radio station yesterday (or was it the day before?) and what he said about nationalizing the banks boiled down to this:

What we gave banks turns out to be multiples of what the banks are actually worth now.

We would have been better off to take the banks that were in danger of literally going under, nationalizing them, putting in new management and as little money as possible to get them back on track, and then sell them back to the private sector- in pieces if need be.

He said he didn't want them to be nationalized for any longer than necessary to get them back on their feet and then out of the government's hands.

So, as bad of an idea as this is, it isn't as bad as many are making it out to be.

Crucis said...

Perhaps it's time to be opening some of those off-shore accounts? If I saw this coming, that's exactly what I'd do. Every bit, cash in the 401K, any IRAs, investments and ship the whole thing to the Bahamas.

They have a good set of banking laws and I'd bet their banks would welcome US cash and convert that into something more stable.

Just a thought.

drjim said...

All this talk of nationalizing the banks makes me wonder what nefarious things they might have planned for Credit Unions....??

Anonymous said...

Yet another issue of the Civil War that wasn't as settled as we thought it was. Before we're done, we'll be taking a long hard look at the Wilmot Proviso.

A South Carolina man endorsing the Bank of The United States? Choose your seconds, sir; I shall await you upon the field of honor.