Sunday, February 08, 2009

Never Try To Teach A Pig To Sing

...It frustrates you and annoys the pig. But sometimes annoying a pig is fun.

Update from Tam: he's closed comments. Reasoned Discourse has broken out! Also from Tam: "He says people are buying guns in Indiana and shooting people in Chicago? Why do they drive to IL to shoot people?" Tam and me in unison: "In Indiana, they can shoot back!"

PS: about that smoking-ban thing? That sucks, too. And I say that as an ex-smoker.

PPS: He says I shouldn't carry because Bad Men will just take my gun away and do Bad Things. I invited him to come over and try, using a gun-shaped-object, but alas, I was too late and comments were already closed. Hey, Mike Licht, the offer's still open: come take a safe but gun-shaped object from me using your bare hands and I will give you $50 American. I'll say "bang" every time I have a shot after you open the attack and we'll see how long it takes. But you have to sign a release not to sue me if I get enthusiastic and pistol-whip you, 'kay? Step up or shaddup.

PPPS: Also, afterward, we can go the the range and you can criticize my marksmanship.


Sevesteen said...

It's the second time I tried to have some discourse with him before it became reasoned, and the second time he closed comments before I could reply. Don't think there will be a third.

I think I've found only one somewhat anti-gun blogger who actually has a dialog-- He's stuck on "flow", the idea if legal guns were reduced, there would be fewer illegal guns, but he dosn't have hissy fits, and doesn't close comments off when he gets behind.

Anonymous said...

That pig is a retard. By choice.

Cripes, when I was carrying an M-16 for a living, I wish I could have fired 500 rounds a year. I even offered to buy my own ammo. No dice.

Ask that idiot if he would post a sign in front of his domicile that says "No Guns Here." I'll even pay for it.

WV: exicat. Some kind of feline EVA for the Starship? Speaking of which . . . I want a book! Please?

Anonymous said...

I particularly loved how he decided to not publish my comment because it was too long... as opposed to because it systematically destroyed his erroneous viewpoint concerning the Founding Fathers, in addition to questioned every one of his snide remarks and insinuations.

Hey, if it helps him sleep at night, whatever. He seems like a small enough man that he has to take comfort in something.

Weer'd Beard said...

Of course he won't take you up on your offer. That would invite reality to his arguments.

We can't have that!

Anonymous said...

Where DOES that guy live? I need some new stuff, and apparently he wants to give his away, being unable to defend it.

Thirdpower said...

Note that in his final comment before closing, he claimed there were 49,000 'annual gun deaths' according to the FBI. That's TWICE the number of TOTAL homicides. 15 years ago. He also confirmed my statement about it being justifiable homicides and not 'defensive shootings' that have low numbers.

It wasn't his 'link' that went bad.

Mike W. said...

I engaged him on a different post.

He responded by basically dismissing/ignoring the content of my comment. Seems like that's quite typical.

Chuck Pergiel said...

I wasted a bunch of time over there, but I did pick up one bit of info: gun violence is related to population density. If true, I wonder how much of that is due to drug dealing turf wars?