Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Everlasting Calamari

So, awhile back I bought a new shower curtain; it's got four little tabs with a couple of suction cups on them. After a couple of months, one tab, at the showerhead/spigot end, fell off, and I set it to one side for later disposal.

And promptly forgot about it.

Came home that night to discover that Huck the tomcat had found it. He had it pinned down on the washroom floor and was industriously gnawing away at the the thing -- he even growled a little when I took it from him.

"Gee, Mom, this octopus sure is chewy!"


Anonymous said...

A cat's attitude always seems to boil down to "Get your own".

Mike James

Jennifer said...

Such funny creatures we share our lives with.