Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sick Day?

Dammit. Upset tummy, chills, fever, exhaustion and dizziness. If my neck gets stiffer or I start thrashing about, that would be a bad sign.

Pass the quinine! Stupid skeeters.


Keads said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Bubblehead Les. said...

Hope it ain't what you are thinking it is! But I've been reading news reports lately that there's been a LARGE increase in West Nile Virus this year. The "Scientific Community" are saying that it is being caused by the Drought. And since the Drought is being caused by "Global Warming," there can only be one answer:

George Bush is making you sick.

Get Well Soon.

og said...

They have the quinine at the grocery store. it's what made Schweppes name for them (Read the label. "Tonic water- contains quinine")
Now used more as a refreshing drink than a medecine, I still hope you don't need it.

rickn8or said...

Alas, og, quinine water on the shelves is a mere shadow of what it once was; understand some people hurt theyselves with it. Or so .gov says.

At least the gin is still at full strength.

And as for you Ms. Roberta Ma'am, get better.


YOU would have to guzzle considerable Schweppes to get the desired anti-malarial effect also the microbes
have built a resistance to quinine sulfate which in larger amounts is toxic
you probably dont have malaria so why do an anti malarial???? you should be seen by a doc get some blood work done it may be a chronic vitamin deficiency easily corrected my consulting room is 3 NM offshore give us a shout

Roberta X said...

In fact, I am being seen by a doc, and I do come up short, vitamin-wise -- Vitamin D. I take supplements.

But today, I was making a joke about mosquito-borne illnesses in general (the Midwest is rife with West Nile this summer) -- and, indirectly, the manner in which quinine was most commonly taken.

Like a good many of the older treatments (and some contemporary ones -- acetaminophen/paracetamol springs to mind), the effective dose is a bit too close to the toxic dose for my comfort. Still, a little tonic water, god gin and what else, a lime? -- would possibly do a lot from my comfort, if not recovery.

Dave in Indiana said...

It's hard to understand Indy having a skeeter problem with as hot & dry as it's been in my neck of the woods this year. Even with the rains over the last 8 weeks there's still no problem.

One thing I have noticed over the years is that this state has narrow west to east bands that seem to be paths for storms, one about 15 miles north of me and another 15 south. And past experience taking step kids to & from the Indy airport leads me to believe that Indy is smack dab in the middle of one of those bands.

Dave in Indiana said...

^ BTW forgot to mention, hope you're feeling better soon!

rickn8or said...

"Still, a little tonic water, god gin and what else, a lime? -- would possibly do a lot from my comfort, if not recovery."

Sorta like chicken soup, might not help, but "cudden hoit!"

Hoping you're more Roberta-esque this morning.

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