Thursday, August 23, 2012

Oleg Made My Gun Famous --

--Or at least beautiful! My Iver Johnson .22 revolvers went to Coal Creek Armory for attention (verdict: one fixed, one in need of parts that must be scrounged as they turn up*) and on the way back, Oleg Volk shot the pretty/working revolver. With his camera. Go look.

Oooooooooooo. Thank you, Oleg!
* And according to Tam, at least one of the 'smiths suggested I "should call them for the thirty-minute guide on checking out used revolvers." Sounds like a great offer to me! I have come up with two kinda beat-up ratchets out of the several revolvers I've bought; they seem to be a weak point. Not in the guns, in my evaluation skills!


skidmark said...

Is that crud around the pivot point?

Shame on both of you for not letting the poor thing get cleaned up before shining all those bright lights.

stay safe.

Roberta X said...

It had a lot more crud to begin with -- took years to build up, it's taking weeks to remove it all.

Jim said...

I envy you.

One of the beauties is that front sight. Imagine today's cost of duplicating it.

Another is the checkering -- exactly where it's most needed on a hogleg grip.

Jennifer said...

Ooh perty!

Roberta X said...

The back sight/latch is actually a nifty little piece of machining, too.

...And this gun is somewhat simplified from the Supershot, which has a milled, T-shaped rib atop the barrel. Not bad for what was at the time an inexpensive plinker. :)