Monday, August 20, 2012

Late To The Party

...But Jennifer pointed out a disturbing parallel between a certain Presidential speech and one in Atlas Shrugged and if you haven't read it, I (like Wouter) think you should.

Sigh. Oh, Mr. Obama.... Well, I guess he didn't invent that, either.


Jennifer said...

Better late than never ;)
Pity they don't get that it isn't an instruction manual.

Panamared said...

Ayn Rand learned about the communist manifesto the hard way, she lived it.
She was as rabidly anti-communist, as an ex-smoker is anti tobacco. I don't believe that her whole philosophy is any more realistic than any other, based on the idea that men are in complete control of their own destiny, but she knew the evil in the hearts of those willing to take advantage of people jealous of achievement. It's no surprise that she seems prescient in that paragraph, she probably lifted it from what she heard and read in her youth.

Tamara (remotely) said...

I was later! :D

TheMinuteman said...

Well, I guess he didn't write that, either.

There fixed it for you. ;)

Bubblehead Les. said...

When your Political Campaign is Trying to destroy Ayn Rand, then something's Wrong in that War Room.

Of course, if the Anointed One was using Carvelle's Law ("It's the ECONOMY, Stupid!"), they'd be looking more Foolish than Baghdad Bob.

But anyway, Romney and Bain Capital is supposed to be Hank Reardon? Right.

But I heard that Paul Ryan used to be "Randite," so maybe this was a Pre-emptive Strike?

Too Bad Too Many of our Fellow Citizens just had this Sail right over their Heads.