Monday, August 27, 2012

WANT: S&W "Bekeart"

Now that I have the Colt .22 Police Postive....

An S&W "kit gun" .22 revolver would be nice. Nicer? A "Bekeart," an S&W target .22 with grips (stocks!) rather similar to the Iver Johnson Sealed 8, a middlin'-large frame and lovely lines. Good examples command impressive prices -- or at least the two I saw at the show last weekend were hoping to.

Still, one can dream.


Tam said...

According to the SCSW3E, Bekearts run $175-$1500 depending on condition, but that price info is six years old in a volatile market.

I think you could probably count on at least three bills for a homely-but-solid shooter.

On the upside, Shannon won't sigh one little bit about working on a Smith (as opposed to a Colt.) :D

Anonymous said...

Nice to see the inclusion of the proper term stocks.
Jeff Cooper would be proud!