Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"They're The Same, But I Loathe One Of Them More"

Okay, that's not really what he said. Devo's Jerry Casale actually compared the presidential race between Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney to the "...false choice...between Pepsi and Coke...." He did this while releasing a new song lampooning Mr. Romney's dog-in-roof-mounted-car-carrier incident.

So, Jerry: Pepsi fan?

This refreshing pause in strident, irrational partisanship brought to you by "Irony-Out!" Use only as directed.

Sheesh. It's just like watching MSNBC.

(Ideograph from the culture wars: "Evolution" stencil -- with graphics -- from Athens. Mordant humor: the artist haz it.)


JD Rush said...

I was going to post about punk Brits crapping on our politicians, but, learning they are from Ohio, carry on.
I will note that dog on the roof is far preferable to carne de perro on the menu.

og said...

What dog doesn't love to be in the wind? I never met one yet.