Sunday, August 05, 2012

On The Subject Of Rain--

The rain that came through yesterday and early this morning did so on the wings of a storm. Our lights flickered several times during each one; Saturday, I heard the distinctive "fzzzz-GROINT!" of an unhappy pole pig, from a few blocks over.

Whew! Dodged a bullet!

...Not so fast; when I went out for a morning bicycle ride today, I discovered the neighbors across the alley were less lucky. Not just one limb -- both sides of a fork. And from pretty high up. Ouch.

I expect to be dragooned (corveed?) into a branch-moving party sometime today. And at that, we're lucky -- in the other direction, they haven't had any power on the far side of our street since at least 4:30 this morning.

Farther north, I came upon a fire truck, lights on but no siren, rolling to a stop in front of a house. No smoke but someone was waving them in and neighbors were out on front porches and sidewalks, gawking. Nary an electric light or TV-screen glow to be seen on the entire block. (At last word, about 2,500 Broad Ripple households were without power.)

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