Thursday, August 09, 2012

Going Armed To The Terror Of Halfwits And Police

Or something like that.

"An attorney walks into a movie theater with a gun...." Sounds like the opening of a joke? Probably more like a set-up for a lawsuit. It happened in new Haven, CT; the lawyer in question is reportedly president of the county bar association, has a valid carry permit and said he was concerned about his safety going home from the late-night film.

I expressed worry about the short-term world of hurt Sung H. Hwang had let himself in for while lawyering his way up through the court system (assuming the prosecutor is so rash as to file charges); Tam pointed out "What you call Hell, he calls home." Good point, and to drive it home, it's reported that he's an immigration attorney, so he's got plenty of experience with a byzantine and somewhat hostile bureaucracy -- and presumably, the patience of Job.

(Ohoh -- property not posted and the Mayor is an antigunner! First link from discussion at GlockTalk. The plot thickens.)


Divemedic said...

Breach of peace is a vague POP charge that the cops use when they have no evidence that you have committed a crime, but want to arrest you anyway.

Roberta X said...

...And there's some rather specific guidance based on case law in CT to the effect that merely going armed-with-permit, even OC, is not a breach of the peace.

So this could be interesting.

perlhaqr said...

“We don’t expect anyone to go into a theater with a gun—or into a bar—or into a church, a mosque or a temple,” DeStefano said.

"But when they do, and they have nefarious intent, we want you to be completely helpless. We can't get more gun control laws passed without more bloodbaths, so die up already, sheep!"

Robert Fowler said...

"“Do we need guns in theaters? Do we need guns at Batman?” DeStefano asked."

Well, it would have been nice if one or two in Aurora would have.

"At 10:11 p.m. Tuesday, nearly 20 officers and two sergeants responded to the Criterion-Bow Tie movie theaters on Temple Street, where staff had reported a man with a handgun was inside one of the theaters"

Damn that's a lot of cops. Who was minding the store while all the coppers were at the movies?

" “Chief Esserman decided that he was going to be arrested.”

Esserman later denied that charge. He said he arrived at the theater after the arrest took place."

The chief doesn't have a radio or cell phone? in 2012?

"Fishbein said that based on what he had read and heard about Hwang’s arrest, the incident could result in Hwang suing the city for wrongful arrest."

Good. And he should sue both the chief and the mayor personally. Too bad being a dick isn't a crime.

I see that the good mayor is a bloomyite.

Anonymous said...

Make them pay squire!


rickn8or said...

Seems like it was the cops creating the breach of the peace.

Yeah. Hope he sues everybody involved down to Parade Rest.

Never thought I'd have a warm spot in my heart for a lawyer.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Does Connecticut have "Must Issue" or "May Issue" CHPs? Something tells me that he could lose if it's "May Issue." But I think this guy is going to be getting a Nice Check down the road.

Anonymous said...

If they don't need guns in theaters -- why were the responding officers armed?