Saturday, August 18, 2012

Moron Tantrum Leaves Students Without A Ride Home

...No, I'm not being rude about some unfortunate student; the morons in question sit at the very front of the bus, holding the wheel -- or, as happened, refusing to.

Some of the Indianapolis Public Schools bus drivers walked off the job yesterday. They're irked an' by golly, they'll show them capitalist oppressors, er, tightfisted subcontractor, er, bungling school system, um, wait -- the State unemployment office?[1]

Yeah. These lamoids -- hey, their union's name is pronounced, "Aw, fsck me!"[2] -- pulled an illegal walkout 'cos they have been gaming the system for years, collecting unemployment while school's out, and the Legislature closed that loophole: if you're idled by a normally scheduled shutdown -- like, say, school not being held in summer -- you can't collect. The bus drivers filed anyway, got their checks...and now Indiana wants the money back. (Good luck with that, I seriously doubt there's a lot of margin for savings even with four months of unemployment dollars added to a school bus driver's pay. Which means the subcontractor's been coasting on the state for years, too, counting on them to pick up enough of the idle-time slack that drivers don't seek other work. Plenty of Fail to go around!)

To the credit of AFSCME Local 3827, union officers were begging the drivers to go back to work, so the kids would get home on time and with minimal parental worry. Some drivers did, good for them; others didn't. Remind me again what it was the students or their parents did to prompt this? (Oh, yeah, vote in a Legislature determined not to overspend. H'mm.)
1. Actually named "Indiana Department of Workforce Development." Tut-tut, Mr. Orwell, tut-tut.

2. Nothing personal, except it's typical of the degree of nuance to expect.


Bubblehead Les. said...

So if the State says No Unemployment checks, who in the Unemployment Office decided to give out the money anyway? Sounds like the Gooberner needs to do some Housecleaning to me.

GreyLocke said...

Ok, so do something illegal, then when you're being penalized for getting caught do something even more illegal and endangers other people children and inconveniences the parents of said children. Don't be surprised when at the next school board meeting a resolution is passed firing all union drivers and kicking out the union is passed 93% to 7% abstentions.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Somebody please explain to me why part-time bus drivers need a union.

Anonymous said...

Ive got to give you a couple of moron jokes that were popular back a bout 1942. What did the bus driver say to the moron?? No moron.Why did the moron take a bale of hay to bed with him one nite?? He wanted to feed his nightmare. That was rare humor back in those days.

Anonymous said...


My guess is that the school district pays for the bus drivers using funds they get from the Feds. The Feds have a rule that any organization that takes Federal money must have a union.