Thursday, August 23, 2012

Quick! Look! Behind You!

...Wandered into the living room this morning where Tam was peering muzzily at images on the big TV, trying to wake up. The TV newsies were saying a new 85-inch TV display from LG was "the world's biggest HDTV."

The reality is more complicated than that -- it's a super-zoot, Q-clearance, bib-label, lithiated, supercharged ultra-HD display that the maker says really is almost as good as being there; but that's not the point.

You see, if the chairs and people and desk height on the stage of that news program are about average size, they related this amazing advance in tech sitting in front of a 100-inch* HDTV display that says right there on the front (if you squint, 'cos they have hazed it up), "Panasonic."

Ummm.! Waidaminnit!

* Possibly 103" but mind you, that's merely ordinary HDTV, you can't taste the ice cream or blacktop (stop that, Jimmy, that ad's for either paste or dog food!) when you lick the screen. Or so they say. The relationship between screen size and price is seriously nonlinear and by the time you get up to these things, the curve is headed for the sky.


Stranger said...

Yep, the panel reject rate goes up as a multiple of panel area. And high panel reject rate does that to panel costs.

Plus the very high cost of tooling up to make a low volume product.


og said...

We have a couple 103's in our office training room. meh. I don't care enough for TV to give a rats ass.

Ian Argent said...

The "fuzzing the logo" thing amuses me when I see it, because it often fails. I forget what I was watching, but they had fuzzed the logo of a van until it could only be made out as a ... blue oval.

Roberta X said...

Wow, who could tell? ...Sheesh....