Sunday, January 05, 2014

1430 Hours: Power Flickering

     We've got 6" of snow as of ten after two; I had to move my cardboard snow gauge after a big dollop of snow fell off an overhead cable onto the pile in front of the scale.  There would be a  picture but all my gear is wet and I need to dig out the backups.

     I walked to the store (I had corned beef, tatties, carrot, onion, a turnip -- and no cabbage!)  The lights flickered once while I was in the supermarket.  When I got home, the lights dimmed and brightened a few times.  I shut down my desktop and I'm on the laptop now -- on batteries and I'll charge it when it needs it, if the power stays on.  We've had a few more power hiccups, so wish me luck!

     The walk to the store, plus shoveling prior to it, is why my coat, gloves, etc. are soaked -- I had too many layers on and the wet snow was falling.  Perspiration and snowdamp never met but it was a near thing.  You don't want that.

     The Hackamore tree out back dropped a small limb as I got in the back door.  Earlier, while several neighbors and I were shoveling the sidewalk, a big (75'?  Taller?) pine tree had a huge limb crack away; it's hanging on the lower limbs now, not a good situation.

     So.  There we are.  Photos as and when, and it looks like I won't be doing any laundry or running the dishwasher until the snow settles.  If the power goes out altogether, the cats and I hole up in the kitchen -- smallest room and I can just keep cooking.

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Bob said...

Good luck, Roberta. Stay safe.