Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Friendship Forged In Adversity

     At least for now:
The electric blanket is on -- but it's been on every night for days and they haven't slept this close.
      I have never seen them sleep that close to one another.
     The cats went to the vet together, in separate carriers, each complaining in their own way on the trip down, wails from Rannie and the occasional worried "Mew?" from Huck.  Despite my warnings about his strength, Huck fought 'em when they drew blood, and returned from his visit to the labs with a small bandage and an "I showed them" swagger.  Rannie was wide-eyed with terror, loathe to leave her carrier, doing her best to ignore the whole world once back in it and when I got them home, I figured she'd be in hiding for a day or more.

     Nope.  Both of them were a bit more outgoing than usual, checking out an empty box; Huck played in it and Rannie curled up next to me in the couch for most of a movie, head pillowed on my hand, purring.

    As for the car trip, it was...an experience.  More about that in my next.

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Talitha said...

I'm not sure how, Scooter was practically civil at his last trip to the Vet. When I took them both together, they both emulated the tasmanian devil and had to be gassed to be examined. I take them separately on the off chance they remember their manners.

I am pleased that Scooter has graduated to "Captain Crabby". It's a little disconcerting when the vet tells you that "they are sooo blessed to have found you."