Monday, January 20, 2014

Fighting Something

     Tam and I both appear to be coming down with something.  Darned if I know what it might be; I got the flu vaccine as soon as it came out this year.  You just about have to get yearly flu shots in my line of work, since we have an entire department that gets paid to go wander the far corners of the Earth, interact with The Public and return to use the same darned break room and community refrigerator as the rest of us.  (It's a darned wonder the thing isn't full of fleas.)

     But we're getting hit with something involving generalized ache, dizziness and feeling yeech.  Perhaps it's an overdose of Winter, in which case we'd better brace ourselves, since there's more than a mere hair of the dog that's biting us readying up: another one-to-three (1,2,3?) inches of snow by tomorrow and lows falling well below zero -- with even more snow! -- rounding out the week.

     What's the calendar say, not quite six weeks 'til March and the promise of Spring?  Just keep sloggin'.  One darned day at a time.  The Sun will come back; the astronomers promised.


Anonymous said...

My sympathies.

I'd recommend mixing up a Thermos of whiskey sours, rolling up in a heavy blanket, drinking the contents of the Thermos, and having a long nap.

May not cure what ails you, but it couldn't hurt.


Anonymous said...

A nasty little something that has been filling hospital ER . It tends to hang around for a couple weeks. But it is not Ebola or Hansen's disease.

SJ said...

Allergic to winter? that would be bad.

The sun is already 'coming back', in terms of the day lengthening.

I guess the cold weather lags the length-of-daylight. Or the angle-of-incidence of sunlight on the ground.

Or something.

But I know that the sunrise has been arriving earlier in the morn since the end of December.

LCB said...

won't help your ague...but I take Vit D during the winter to help fight the blechs...seems to help.

Hope you and Tam feel better soon!

JohnMXL said...

Do you heat your house and/or your water with gas?

Might not hurt to have your chimney(ies) and heat exchangers checked.

Could have a very low level of CO buildup in the house.

Anonymous said...

Been having something kinda-sorta like that. In my case, I suspect a mild case of H1N1: it's the nasty that's going around, and I had a full-blown case back in '09... and the same again, with increasingly attenuated symptoms, every time it comes back around.
Symptoms are not quite flu nor yet exactly cold, with a distinctive pattern (in past years, don't know about this one yet) of a week of misery, a couple of "A miracle happened! I'm well!" days, then another week of misery.
Overexertion, even during the feeling-much-better-now interlude, is a Bad Idea.

Robin said...

That sounds a lot like what's going around.

LCB said...

SJ said:
Could have a very low level of CO buildup in the house.

Firefighter friend told me years ago to make sure our CO2 detector had a measurement read out. Now, if I'm working on a car in the garage and open the door to the house to walk in, the air pressure from the open garage door pushes some air in to the house. The CO2 detector will give me a positive reading in seconds of 1 or 2 PPM.

I highly recommend not trusting the smoke detector type CO2 units.

Roberta X said...

CO, CO2: gotta real detector. That's not it.

Anonymous said...

100 % of the people I work with at main job have had days off with a cold or flu. The flu shot does not seem to work on the current version of flu according to the Doctor.

I had a cold ,2 days coming, 2 days here, 2 day going.

One guy got a bad sinus infection that got so bad he was hospitalized and was out from before Xmas until today.

Hot lemon zinger tea, honey and a shot of rye worked for me.

I hope you both feel better.


BGMiller said...

Seems the quarantine/disinfection procedures for returning shore parties is a bit lax.

And if that's the case whatever little bug made it aboard has probably gotten into the air handling system. The enviro crew is gonna have fun clearing all those ducts.


Peter O said...

Sounds like what has been hitting my office. ~3 days just wiped out, soreness and no energy.
So far It has hit every one of my co-workers, and I'm the only one left uninfected. My boss gleefully commented that "It always hits the last guy hardest!" :(

Comrade Misfit said...

I had something similar, it hung on for about three weeks. The only good thing was that it temporarily shut down my sense of taste, so food was unappetizing and I lost some weight (at least temporarily).

Yes, I had a flu shot.