Sunday, January 12, 2014


     So, Fast and Furious gets people killed, and it's barely a blip in the news; Slow and Mildly Irked partially shuts down a bridge between New Jersey and NYC for a little while and the media is crawlin' all over it with microscopes.   Governor Christie is hardly John the Baptist (though I'm sure he'd be up for a nice plate of honey and locusts) and not my favorite Republican -- but if the weird little people inside my TV and the three who still write newspapers keep making like a combined Salome and Herod, he'll certainly end up a martyr.

     (And remember, if horrible things happens to mostly-brown people in Mexico, it's a yawner -- but when nice white folk in New York City are inconvenienced?  Migawd, an outrage.  But that, for some reason that escapes me, isn't racist.)


Bob said...

It has less to do with who is inconvenienced than with which party is in charge of any particular scandal. Obama gets a pass because he's a Democrat, Christie gets crucified because he's a Republican.

Divemedic said...

Like how NY got hit with a Category One hurricane, and you would think the world was ending, while down here in Florida, we call that "summer?"
To New Yorkers, what happens in flyover country doesn't matter.

markm said...

Obama's wrongdoing doesn't excuse Christie's. At a minimum, he hired sociopaths, failed to properly supervise them, worked with them for years and failed to notice how nasty they were until their e-mails gloating over kids trapped in delayed schoolbuses surfaced. In other words, his only defense is to claim incompetence. I hope he sinks right out of sight - and not just because his whole record is not conservative and the very antithesis of libertarian.

Windy Wilson said...

I'm looking for a billboard during the 2016 election, "Get get the journalists back to work, vote Republican.", or after a Republican is elected President, "Hurrah! Dissent is patriotic again!"

Bobby said...

White folk in NYC?

Hate to break it to ya, out of the commuting public, The white folk are the minority in this city.