Thursday, January 02, 2014

Oh, Would You Look At The Time Weather?

     I'd love to sit here and chat, but four inches of fresh-fallen show are tellin' me what I need to be doing is pulling on yesterday's jeans, stout boots, bundling up and getting out there and clearing the stuff away.

     Last night around about ten p.m. or earlier as I went to bed, the yard, sidewalks and street were utterly snow-free.  A generous sprinkling of fallen leaves over fading-green grass in the yard, pavements dry....  Woke briefly at two a.m. and peeked out the window to find a powder-sugar dusting of snow, photogenically pretty.

     What's out there now is to a "pretty dusting of snow" as a full-gown bull moose is to Bambi.  It's been falling fast, thumping down, since the tiny hours and it hasn't stopped.  Peering up into the still-dark sky, you're like an ant looking up at sugar pouring into a spoon.

     And like the proverbial ant, I can't fiddle my morning away but must, perforce, work.  To the shovels!

     Come back later: I may have some photographs.


B said...

Shit. We got 4 inches in the last 2 hours here.

More on the way too.

Jennifer said...

No fluffy stuff here. Anxious for pictures later

jefferson101 said...

Thank you for reminding me of why I moved South. Indiana (Shelby County) was "Home" while I was growing up, because that was where my folks were from, and my Daddy was a USAAF/USAF lifer.

But be it noted, I lived there for perhaps two and a half years as a child, and had a couple of job interviews there later in life and was not impressed enough that I'd take either of the jobs, pay regardless of the issues.

I'm probably related to at least a thousand people in the State, and I wish y'all all the best, but it's not for me.

Frozen precipitation bites. I'll pass, as often as I can.