Monday, January 06, 2014

Morning: Snow, Cold

     There once was a sailor from Malawi
     Who was constantly asking "Where are we?"
     Captain told him one day and he decided to stay
     So now he lives in Hawaii.

     And if he sent me an airplane ticket, I don't think I would even take time to pack anything (but the cats).  It's seven below out there and falling.  Wind and additional snow has reshaped the surfaces and erased all but the deepest footprints.  Even their edges are blurred. Photos may follow but they will probably be taken from indoors.

     The cats slept the night with me.  I woke several times -- I'm not even sure why, but I did.

     Now I'm up, online and hoping to get a few things done before people hit the roads -- and the telephone poles.


Carteach said...

Yesterday morn, 9 degrees.

This morning, 49 degrees.

Tomorrow morning, predicted at 3 degrees.

Right now there are rain drops the size of pigeons hitting the windows, and all that snow is melting at breakneck speed.... giving us a pea soup fog.

There's a Sam Spade novel in this someplace, I just know it.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

According to this, you'd be well advised to stay home.

Brigid said...

minus 11 in my little burg now, and also up at home.

Glad you still have power.

Blackwing1 said...

The thermometers on both the outside of the house and the truck said -22F this morning. Toss in the northwest wind at around 10 MPH and we've got the wind chill in the neighborhood of -50F.

I think we lost the tomatoes this morning. These darned frosts just wreak havoc on the garden.

Anonymous said...

Even in South Florida. The temperature in expected to drop to the low 40s tonight...gracious me..could this be the end of life as we know it??

fast richard said...

I've been sitting at a truck stop near Battle Creek Michigan since Saturday night. Temp is around zero, lots of snow. I have a load to pick up and bring to Gary Indiana. I'll probably try that tomorrow.

Windy Wilson said...

I was at the Rose Parade and met a man from Hawaii, there to watch his son in the band from there, whatever the band's name was. He said it was always 80 degrees there, year round. I told him even the locals were cold that morning (it was 43 degrees at 6am in Pasadena, and it rose to 70 degrees at noon).