Friday, April 04, 2014

Ain't We Got Fun?

     I don't know about you but I certainly do; at least for a given value of "fun."  I'm now in the slow "clack, clack, clack" stage of a roller-coaster ride that flips my shift from day to overnight to early morning before precessing back to days, and does so with a 12-hour (+/-) shift smack in the middle of the weekend.

     There's no "best" way to accomplish this.  Times I am up for it, a series of short days work: go to bed early Friday night, get up very early Saturday, make an early night of it by midafternoon and go to work 11pm-ish after a short nap.  When I was younger, 20+ hours awake was the way to go.  This time?  Up very late tonight, sleep even more late tomorrow, and hope for the best.  Monday will be a super-early shift (3 a.m. et seq.) and the return to days by Tuesday will let me reclaim some of the sleep debt.

     Downside, no weekend as such.  Well, there's plenty of 'em in a year, right?


Anonymous said...

AHH YES, nothing like a rotating swing shift!!!


jon spencer said...

I do not miss working swinging shifts one bit.
My worst ones were the ones with one shift off between the next, i.e. getting off at 7am then back to work at 3pm.
Someone would always tell you to "sleep fast".