Saturday, April 12, 2014

Not Much Blog Today

     I have a very busy day, on the heels of a busy day, to be followed by...  Well.

     Road trip this morning, overnight work at work (weather permitting) and taxes tomorrow.  Friday afternoon, my Mom fell again and she's back in the hospital for evaluation and treatment of minor injuries.  I took her cell phone to the hospital after a late day at work (it had been left at her house when she went in) and found my siblings and partners filling Mom's room but no sign of Mom.  She was getting some form of imaging.   The room was crowded even with the rolling ER bed gone, so I went home: when the only function you can serve is to get in the way, the best thing to do is get out of the way and let the professionals work. (This is naturally taken of a sign of indifference, coldness and a failure to respect the gods of the household shrine.  Well, maybe; but I'd rather that than be a ghoul.)  Me, I'll "think good thoughts" her way and show up later, when the medicos have things sorted and she'll be wanting company.

     (If ever I go in hospital, I hope my previous pattern holds true and it takes hours if not days for anyone other then me and the docs to know about it.  Early on, anybody without some flavor of EMT, RN, LPN, N-P or M.D. after their name or driving a mopbucket is mostly in the way, just one more knot of worry to afflict the patient. Who has, in case you haven't noticed, more pressing problems than playing a foil to your desire to emote.)





Anonymous said...

Stay safe!
Hope she is better, soon!


Drang said...

Hope Mom X is feeling better soon!

I concur about the futility of milling about a hospital, but some people do thrive on the attention.

Eric said...

Funny ER story (if there can be such a thing): My late father-in-law was in the ER, surrounded by his wife, son, daughter and me. A nurse stepped in and told us there were too many people in the room and one of us would have to leave. My father-in-law asked, "can I go?"

Hope Mom X gets better soon.

Anonymous said...

Another fall, sounds like its time to get Mom one of these -

Joe in Reno said...

My grandmother started having a problem w/ unexplained falls in her early 80's. We thought she might be having little strokes or TIAs. Then someone mentioned how old her shoes were. Turned out she hadn't bought a new pair in 10+ years and they all had rounded off soles and no side support. We threw them all out and went shopping. Bought her new shoes and a custom set of orthotics. No more falls till she passed.