Tuesday, April 29, 2014

NRA Indy: Yes, More Pictures

With only a little comment -- I was moving pretty fast when I shot these photos, most of them Sunday:
Yes, hand-carved ebony, hand-engraved, cast and carved steel.
Beautiful work.  I didn't think to get a snapshot of the tag -- appears to have a monogram, "HZO." (Notice also the predicted price range for the ebony marvel.)
My first thought instead was of L. Frank Baum.

Colt rifle -- lovely, dangerous, and long before your "Circuit Judge."
Gas-delayed blowback.  Tam and I were mulling over why Walther has yet to really have a big hit with a serious gun in the U.S.
What came before the Luger?  This did.  Georg Luger redesigned it.  Hugo Borchardt wasn't impressed.  Other people were -- and they owned gun factories.
Does not, I am told, actually have a hemi in it.  But it might as well.
If four are good, three should be almost as good...
But this one goes to 16: that's a pair of 8-bores and darned short ones.
These are kid-sized but I kinda want one.  Single-shot .22. peep sight, a nice, basic rifle.
Not kid stuff.  Doug Turnbull's take on the AR-15, looking like something from a Harry Turtledove novel.
     There's still a little more to come, but that'll hold ya for this morning.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

The Remington 870 I bought last year for home defense is a youth-sized 20GA. My arms are too short for adult models :)

Anonymous said...

Take another look at the 8 gauge double; there is very coarse rifling, the barrel walls are thick and it has express sights. That is a blackpowder paradox gun from the era before smokeless powder and copper-jacketed bullets. Only the last few inches of the bore are rifled so you can fire both shot and slugs from the same gun, thus the term paradox.

Any more photos of that particular gun? Underlever paradoxes are rare and only a few makers produced them.


Sigman said...

Some needs to call Everett Hitch, looks like he left his shotgun at the NRA Meeting.

Anonymous said...

The Borchardt was steampunk when steampunk wasn't cool. A foregrip and shoulder stock would make sense, for the masochist market. Compared to the Luger, a firearm that would seem to support Natural Selection, and disprove Intelligent Design.

Mike James

Old NFO said...

Nice furniture on the AR... So is it no longer and EBR in that case??? :-)

Rob K said...

I can recommend the Rascal. I just bought a blue one for my younger daughter for her 10th birthday, and I like it pretty well. That stock is very short though.

Anonymous said...

Huh. Well whattayaknow?

Cheek weld would be a delicate negotiation with the silly looking thing, wouldn't it?

Mike James

Ken said...

+1 on the Borchardt. DO WANT. :-)

Robert Fowler said...

My Grandpa had a 8 gauge. Dad said it kicked like a Missouri mule. I don't know what ever happened to it.