Sunday, April 27, 2014

Pictures From An Exhibition

     Presented without much comment, NRAAM 2014:


Wait, an air rifle, you say...?

Not an air gun.  Definitely shiny!


He's not doing what it looks like at first.

Chiappa!  There's something appealing about the single-shot .22

R-51!  They feel good --lots of stuff happening but they've been racked a few thousand times: field-polishing!


Cabot 1911's.  High-end, and they have the kind of extraordinary fit & finish that shows it.

When is a Ruger Mk. II not a Mk. II?  When it's an imported air pistol!  Looks like it would be fun.

Turk Turon, demonstrating that Tactical Bacon is Serious Business.
     And that's Saturday's NRA AM photo-essay.  I need to go help my Mom this morning, hoping to get downtown a bit after midday.


Bob said...

The two "definitely shiny" 1911's appear to be sporting grips of mammoth ivory.

Ed Jones said...

OK, Chiappa pic, third rifle from top. I that a over & under 22, cal. rifle or is it a larger caliber? Like Turk's shirt, I wear camp shirts most of the time.

Roberta X said...

I'm not sure -- it *may* be a .410 over & under. The other two are .410 (and 45LC?) over .22.

Ed Jones said...

Thanks, I checked the web page and could not find it. Maybe they will update their web in a month or two.

Drang said...

On Facespace you posted a pic of yourself shouldering what looked like a modern-day bicycle gun. One of the Chiappas?

Roberta X said...

Yes -- one of the "skeletonized" ones in the picture, in fact. I like them.

Murphy's Law said...

It was a pleasure meeting you Saturday night, even if we didn't get to talk much at all.

SordidPanda said...

And now I have Mussorgsky stuck in my head, thank you very much Miss X.

Very subtle way to plant the earworm though.