Thursday, April 24, 2014

Good? Morning?

     Didn't sleep well.  Slept long but I kept worrying.

     Agenda for today: Visit Mom X in assisted living, visit Sis in hospital, go downtown and pick up press credentials for the NRA convention.

     Oh, and clear garage enough for Tam to get the Z3 towed (done!  The clearing, not the Choiman roller-skate flatbedding), plus take a load of too-skinny jeans to Goodwill.

     Possibly, ride motorscooter.

     Update: Mom yes, NRA yes, Sis no,* garage yes, Z3 towed, Goodwill no, lunch with Turk Turon (surprise!) YES!
* She has four kids, who themselves have various spouses, fiancifulosties and offsprung; yesterday I ended up having to leave because we had too many people in her room.  Hm.  Doesn't help.  I still feel guilty.


DoninSacto said...

Isn't it amazing how jeans shrink so much over time? I have thought that the companies that make them have invented a perfect planned obsolesence into the material.

Roberta X said...

...Gosh, I wish they had shrunk. Further, deponent sayeth not.

Anonymous said...

Everyone in my family has asked me not to visit if they go into the hospital. (self deleted as TMI)