Monday, April 28, 2014

More Images From NRA Indy 2014

Tamara insists the "!" must be pronounced.

Colorful Coonans

Can I get a Witness?

Yeah, can I get a Witness?
(In fact, I own two and I like them both)

Study in contrasts.  Pretty sure the Wolverine is in "way too darned" pink.

One corner of the venue, general view.  Huge! (Ceiling by M.C. Escher.)

High Power!  I like these -- and the "scratchy" trigger doesn't bother me.

Actual "crime gun." 

"The name is Volk.  Oleg Volk."
     He's not often caught on that side of a lens.


KevinC said...

"Tamara insists the "!" must be pronounced."

As it's part of their trademark, yes (Much like the "!" in "Yahoo!" as well). :D

The correct pronunciation for both words is an exclamation with a slight lift of the heels, as if you were goosed in the midst of saying "Blackhawk!" (although regional accents vary this slightly...).

Drang said...

I thought it was pronounced "Blackhawk(bang)"

So, Clyde had a Fitz Special?

Bubblehead Les. said...

Sure glad to finally meet you and Tam! Like I said, you need to pick my Brain, just send me an eMail, and I'll do my best to help.

Opinionated Grump (Rich in NC) said...

I thought it was pronounced

"Blackhawk [BANG]"

Since the stuff they make has something to do with gunpowder, you should be yelling the bang part
Rich in NC

Old NFO said...

Great pics, thanks for putting them up! :-) And that does look like a Fitz Special, I wonder if it's a real one, or a copy...

Roberta X said...

I wonder, D.W and NFO -- you'd'a thunk they'd've mentioned it if it was.

Bubblehead Les, a delight to meet you!

I always pronounced it "Blackhaaawkk!" so as to integrate the "!" YMMV.

Stretch said...

In the same vein John Phillip Sousa insisted on the ! in the title of Stars And Stripes Forever!

Re: Browning High Power. Now THAT'S a bluing job. Puts my worn parkerizing finish to shame.

Rob K said...

I told my daughter as we walked past the BLACKHAWK! booth that I always feel like I need to shout it.

Cincinnatus said...

That's a funny shot of Oleg.

Don said...

I like to pronounce "BLACKHAWK!" with a sort of jazz-hands-open-palms-waggling-beside-the-face gesture.

I always hear GLOCK and RECOIL and the like as shouted in my head, usually with various accents.