Monday, April 14, 2014

Three Day Weekend!

     Done the hard way: came home Friday (late), slept, got up (early) and did the hamfest/Grissom Museum trip.  Slept, woke up about 9 p.m., went into work, worked, came home, slept, woke up about noon, got my taxes done and visited Mom X in the hospital.

     She sounds great and is in good spirits, but she looks just like anyone would who had fallen face-first onto a concrete floor.  The hospital's given her a very nice room, practically a hotel room with hospital fittings.  She's hoping to be released early this week -- and planning to spend some time with either home heath care or in an assisted-living place, once she finds one she likes.  Too many falls in recent months.  She's looking at long-term options and I'm not pushing; she's very much in command of her faculties and well aware of her fragility.  It's not easy for her. She has always been very active.

     Back into the relentless maw of work for me, and bearing bad tidings to boot: the weekend overnight work mentioned above was nipped in the bud by uncooperative weather and now I get to explain that to folks who look askance at the wind at 1000' being greatly different to the wind at ground level. 


Anonymous said...

Not meaning to intrude but having been through that mill with my mother...How important is staying in her home to her? And she can try home health care and then move into ALF if she does not like it, but reverse direction is much harder. And finally, home health is easier to control and adapt to changing circumstances, from needing someone just a couple of hours a day to having 24/7.

Cincinnatus said...

We work with elders and out here, some of the assisted living places will book short stays to "try out" the location. Others will at least allow dining room visits as part of the sales pitch.

Chuck Pergiel said...

So, how different is the wind at 1000'?