Monday, April 07, 2014

Your Tax Dollars At (Inept) Work

     So, the very same Federal Gummint that likes to listen to your phone calls and read your Internet traffic, and had to build a giant server farm in Utah to save copies of it all, can't keep track of the drawings and docs for nuclear weapons.  They don't even know who had made changes to the drawings they can find, nor if they're notes for improvement, as-builts or somebody's idle fantasy.

     Okay, okay, NNSA is not NSA, but still, you'd think atom bomb plans would rate a little closer attention than, oh, I dunno, frikkin' wiretaps.

     I sure wouldn't go shopping in any junk stores around Amarillo; no tellin' what kind of burn-before-reading stuff might be stuffed in the back of the drawers of some surplus file cabinet or desk.  ...Yeah, I wish I was joking.

     The can't keep its own secrets, wants to know yours.  Probably already does know, and doesn't that make you feel ever so much safer? 


Anonymous said...

I am amused on how the Government likes paper work. You go to them for something, Fill out this form, then this form and so on. You return later to check on some of the stuff you inquired about, they want you to do the same forms over again, They cannot find your previous forms and so on, they will resent it if you explain you already did these forms. I guess "Form Fairies" take them away at night, to some domain they never return from. Just an Idea, on duplication of work. Have a great day.

Borepatch said...

Worse, they don't even know if they work. Clinton ended actual testing, and all they have are models now. That's working really well with Climate, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

"The can't keep its own secrets, wants to know yours. Probably already does know, and doesn't that make you feel ever so much safer?"

Win. That is made of it.


perlhaqr said...

Well, I guess if we're lucky, they'll write down all our secrets, and then lose them. :-/

For very specific values of "lucky", of course.