Friday, April 25, 2014

NRA Convention, Thursday

     Tam and I, escorted by Turk Turon (disguised as a regular member instead of semi-Press blogger), picked up our credentials and press package -- the latter, these days, is a thumb drive full of info instead of the old packet of expensive, glossy handouts -- and I only got us a little lost in the vast and labyrinthine spaces of the Convention Center.  Foot traffic outside was moderately high and pretty steady inside, a combination that leaves me not quite panicked but distracted and desperate to keep in motion.

     The setup looks nice and the NRA has done their usual smooth job of arranging check-in (members get in free!), ticket counters  and access to the exhibit halls.  From early indications, this should be a nice show.

    On the way out, we met Bitter and Sebastian on they way in.*  They were looking well and enjoying the coolish Chamber of Commerce weather; I hope they don't mind this morning's spitting rain, predicted to be gone by 10 a.m.

     Today's a school day for me; what I'll write about for Friday's NRA Convention report will have to come from the press handouts or at second hand.
* Later on, they found their first dinner choice posted -- I guess Claddagh wants no part of our feeelthy gun-owner money -- and were delighted at where they ended up instead. 

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Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Have fun. Wish I could be there. His Nibs has me busy fixing an issue with the software while he sips his espresso and chats up the new hire. This has only been going on for three days now, and he's mad because I didn't work the clock 'round Wednesday and Thursday.

Frickin' Europeans.