Wednesday, June 03, 2015

A Nearby Range?

     I hope so.  It's called "Indy Arms Co." They have a website up (called "Enter Your Site Title Here") and when Tam and I drove by a few days ago, the outside of the building was nearly done and there appeared to be work proceeding inside.

     We're hopeful.  I really like outdoor ranges when the weather is nice, but not so much in the Winter (beautiful though they are: Eagle Creek Range is a park and Marion County Fish and Game is in an even more park-like setting). Rain or shine, it's a long drive to the nearest -- and longer still to the nearest indoor range.  Indy Arms is just outside of SoBro, in a little commercial district.  It would make a huge difference in how often I get to shoot, especially in the chilly months.


skidmark said...

And roughly right around the corner from The Donut Shop. Is that on the Google Map to help IMPD folks find the range?

stay safe.

Comrade Misfit said...

With the ventilation systems, indoor ranges in winter are definitely chilly places. But at least they're well-lit and you're not being snowed or rained on.

Anonymous said...

Oh Roberta, Don's Guns is a short drive from your place. They have a small shooting range. (Maybe I should stay anonymous after this comment) :)


Roberta X said...

Kerry: I suppose Don's counts as a range. I have shot there. I found the place...worrying. Skeezy.

Comrade Misfit: not all of 'em. Pop Guns used some kind of system that used heated/cooled air from the store to make up for what the ventilator system was exhausting through filters. It was usually quite comfortable in their range.