Friday, June 12, 2015

A Weekday Morning Off

     And about time!  Woke up, luxuriating in pleasantly appalling slowness, threw on a tank and jeans, brushed out my hair, brushed my teeths and hopped on my pennyfarthing, off to the Dancing Donut for apple fritters (and a nutella-cream filled pastry for way later), which will have, with a cuppa coffee, make made an excellent American light breakfast.  It's about a jillion degrees with 110% humidity outside and the Roseholme Climate-Reconditioner* is running flat-out to keep up, so "light" is the word.  Along about brunchtime, we'll find some place with industrial air-conditioning and have us a genuine Broad-Riparian Repast.
* "Slightly-used indoor climates, scrubbed and repainted so they're virtually as good as new!  Ask about our public-subscription maintenance plan!" --The latter is you, Dear Reader, and I am thrilled to announce the new "universal" control board in the Prime Air Mover now supports Constant Fan mode, modulating fan speed as the cooling kicks in and cycles off; the old one locked out heating and cooling if the fan was manually commanded on.  Being able to keep the air stirred makes a biiig difference.

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