Thursday, June 18, 2015

Burdened With Shoulder

     It's not a broken bone or a broken anything else dense enough to show up in an X-ray, either.  Some kind of soft-tissue injury is likely.

     Yesterday, the doctor shot me up, right in the shoulder, with a topical numbing agent and corticosteroid.  Relief was a couple of hours in arriving but arrive it did, mostly.  I had lunch, took a pain pill, did some chores that needed doing (the old drain hose didn't fit the new dehumidifier, thanks to the addlepated and non-standard E-Z grip molded nubs on the hose fitting -- they were awkward on the old dehumidifier and impossible on the new one.  I was sure not going to be emptying that tank with a bum shoulder, despite it having a pretty good one-handed handle) and was asleep as soon as the cats had dinner.

     This morning, the wonderful relief of yesterday is gone but my shoulder is still much improved.  If it continues to get better, that'll be all.  If it doesn't, I'll be having to see a specialist. 

     I'd like to say I made a start on getting caught up with Welcome To Night Vale, but Cecil lulled me to sleep twice in a row.  I was drifting in and out, dream-narrative interwoven with the podcast, one as surrealistic as the other.


Raz Raxxaffian said...

Good luck with the treatment...

Am going in today for second round of steroid injection in shoulder and hope that it will do some good, though I am doubtful. Doc says after three tries then surgery will be next.

If you haven't had an MRI, be sure to ask for one BEFORE getting any invasive treatment. The length of recovery can vary greatly depending on age, type of damage and general health.

Since I'm an old geezer, I am cautious before allowing any cutting to be done. Age is linearly related to recovery time. In your case, being much younger, a more radical treatment may be in order.

Keep us advised of your progress, we're all pulling for you!


Jim Dunmyer said...

A buddy just had an MRI of his ankle; it was bothering him since Portland 2014, when he walked too much. On rough, uneven ground. He's been suffering for all this time and is now wearing an immobilizing boot. Doc says six weeks of that, and if it hasn't healed, it'll be surgery. Of course, like Raz, he's an Old Geezer, so hopefully, you'll have better luck.

Can you rig a drain on your dehumidifier? The one I have in my shop sits on top of the fridge, draining into the sink. Not only do I not have to fuss with it, I can slip a jug under the hose and fill it with distilled water for my various batteries. (golf cart, travel trailer, Elec-Trak)

B said...

For real relief, do some exercises with C2H5OH. Lifting it.

also known as "12 oz curls".