Friday, June 26, 2015

Supreme Court Decisions Capsule

     In case you missed it, the upshot of last week's events and Supreme Court decisions is this:

     If your gay spouse is injured putting up or taking down a Confederate battle flag and does not have health insurance, you can now be stuck with the fine for their not being insured in any of the fifty states.  There'll be no more weaseling out of it on account of your marriage not counting in your state of residence, y'hear?


Joe in PNG said...

According to some internet commentary, this will lead to nationwide reciprocity of concealed carried polygamous married pets, as long as they are related.

Joseph said...

... and, if it should turn out that eating raisins promotes healing, you can keep any raisins you grow.

Roberta X said...

Ah, yes, I'd forgotten this nation's strategic raisin reserve had been found unconstitutional. I'm concerned China or Russia will begin overproducing them now, and we'll find ourselves with a Raisin Gap.

Eric Wilner said...

And, while you can compel the State to bless (or at least register) your relationship, you cannot compel it to put Confederate insignia on your license plate.
The latest disparate-impact ruling has scary implications - birds of a feather must be prevented from flocking together! - but, taken another (and, if history is any guide, highly unlikely) way, it could be beneficial.
I'm thinking of two broad categories of laws, the enforcement of which has great racial disparity (and, in many cases, the legislative history involves explicit racism). Can you guess what they are? Any bets on the courts throwing them out on the basis of disparate impact?

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...