Thursday, June 04, 2015

Thousands Of Imported Cars Drive Past This Sign Every Day

      Yes, thousands.  Yet still he wonders.
Photograph by Tamara Keel
     The setup for this punchline is, the same tagger has been imploring on various walls and traffic-light boxes for years, "Don't buy Jap crap!"  Now it appears he's realized his efforts may have been in vain.


Jim Dunmyer said...

I've tried to Buy American when/if I can. That's why one of my cars is a VW Passat (made in Chattanooga, TN), and the other is a Nissan Leaf (made in Smyrna, TN). One can't always avoid foreign vehicles, however: my 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 was made in Mexico.


B said...

INdeed. Jim is right. "American" cars may be ***less*** American that "Japanese" or "German" cars.

Joe in PNG said...

"Jap Scrap" is a cute little rhyme, but it tends to be the 'American*' companies that hate mechanics.

*Chrysler mostly

Jim Dunmyer said...

Back in about 1984, I was driving a VW Rabbit Diesel and was at a friend's (Walt's)house. As it happened, Walt worked at GM's Hydramatic plant in Toledo, and one of his co-workers, Dale was visiting. Dale looked at my VW and muttered something about "damn foreign cars", so I pointed out that "My VW was made in Pennsylvania, by UAW workers. Our friend Walt's Chevy Celebrity was made in Canada; now who is driving the foreign car?" All Dale could reply was "mumble, mumble".

One of the fellas in our pistol league drives a VW Jetta and was getting some grief from a friend who drives a Ford pickup. He looked the p/u over, then told his friend "I see both our vehicles were made in the same place". Said friend replied, "My Ford wasn't made in Germany!"; the reply was, "No both of ours were made in Mexico".