Monday, June 01, 2015

Sunday, Gunday, Donutday!

       Sunday morning, Tam, Shootin' Buddy and I went to breakfast (where I foolishly ordered the "bacon chop," which turns out to be not diced bacon but a huge smoked pork chop with an over-easy egg and home-fried potatoes!) and to the Indy 1500 Gun and Knife Show,  with a Moment of Zen on the way in: 
I have no idea what this is about.
      Inside the show, there was much of interest to see, including a nice-condition Savage 1907 in .380, and the same in .32 in what amounted to new-in-the-box -- complete with box!  ("The magazine's no good," the seller told us.  Which is probably why it stayed shiny.  Assuming it was ever shot at all; a lot of small guns spent their first career in a sock drawer without ever bustin' a cap.)

     I was there for a point of intersection between my two collections:
     Behold, the Astra Cadix .22 revolver!  9-shot and vaguely S&W-like, the ratchet has an interesting "pinwheel" shape and it appears to be a solid little plinker.  Quite nice for its age, despite a missing stock screw.

     Tam and SB wanted to meet a friend for lunch; I was still digesting the bacon chop and had them drop me off at Roseholme Cottage, where I napped briefly, then got on my bicycle, to work off a little breakfast and have a gander at one much-missed business and new one that opened up as it closed:
     Zest is indeed gone.  A pity -- it started good and kept getting better, but a lack of weekday parking proved too great an obstacle.  Weekends, they had a line out the door; weekdays, crickets.

     These guys are likely to have a line seven days a week -- and they've got parking, too.
     Yes, it says "The Dancing Donut."

     I haven't tried the coffee yet.  It certainly smelled promising.
     Remarkably fresh donuts and interesting decor, shabby-chic meets disco!
     More than coffee and donuts: they have an eclectic collection of small items for sale, too.
     A nice space.  Looks like a fine place to grab a sinker and a cuppa joe. 

     I spent the evening checking through my collection of carbon microphones, which the interested can read about at Retrotechnologist.


Merle Morrison said...

OK, I'll bite. What is a "sinker"? My guess is a cake doughnut.....


JC said...

I saw a big Honda nearly as tricked out as that one a while back. No Elmo, but a trailer. To accommodate a powered wheelchair. No joke.

Roberta X said...

Merle: Bingo! Goes back to the nineteen-teens or earlier, I believe -- this link cites an example from 1926. Oh, here's one from 1895!

Merle Morrison said...

OK, thanks for the response - and the links. I was familiar with the fishing & baseball references, but couldn't imagine how they would work in those circumstances.